Anahita bracelet

ELIKA COUTURE introduces the Anahita bracelet, the Persian Goddess associated with fertility, healing and wisdom.

Handmade from the most precious golds by the finest master artisans, with a level of engineering and sophistication that has exceeded the traditional parametres of fine jewellery.

The design comes from Bronte borders of Victorian tiles used on the floor of churches in the 19th century. The Octagon shape with an oval centre is from the Turkmen and Bukhara carpets. Turquoise blue colour comes from precious Neishabour turquoise stones. The borders of Russian Gold symbolise the strength of boundaries. White gold provides a pure appearance, two parallel lines of lime gold gives a striking contrast of colours.

Our house colours are represented on the bracelet with turquoise blue enamel on the inside, and Rose Gold on the edges.

The character of the bracelet is drawn from the depth of Anahita herself.