Elika Coutrue

The Design House ELIKA COUTURE symbolises the best of Persia, re-introducing the values of opulence and no-compromise to bring items that are ‘fit for a Queen’.

ELIKA COUTURE does not create a design with the constraints of a business case like days of a by-gone era, we create without any time, budget or resource parameters. ELIKA COUTURE is a ‘British Super Premium’ brand for those who seek superior art, craftsmanship and material usage in their valuables.

The lineage in the art and mastery of jewellery making, of over 80 years, is embedded into DNA of company founder, Elika Azharoddavami. She has travelled the world to research and source the finest materials and craft specialists, in her pursuit of no-compromise design, fit for every Queen of the past and future.

Product design must bring a feeling of ‘awe’, a must have, the materials are superlative in their own rights, and the architecture of design cannot be replicated.

The finest award winning artisans take the pleasure of working with ELIKA COUTURE, from Paris, Milan and London. Bespoke tailoring, hand stitching, custom moulds, prototyping and tens of hours are spent in an ELIKA COUTURE present.